These amazing horses are greatly valued "staff members". They are carefully selected for specific purposes, based on criteria such as temperament (e.g., quiet, not timid or spooky); past history and degree of training; walking and trotting characteristics (e.g., length of stride, upward motion, side-to-side motion, rhythm, pace, smoothness)


Sully was named after the heroic pilot, Sully Sullenberger, who safely landed a passenger plane on the Hudson River. This horse is like Sully because he also is calm, level-headed, wise, and reserved. 

Sully is a sorrel (chestnut for our English riders) American Quarter Horse. His previous owner rode him down busy streets, on the trails, and in horse competitions. He has a very smooth walk and trot, which makes him very fun to ride. He loves peppermints!



Reilly is a 20 something Paint Quarter Horse mare.  She comes to us with an extensive show record on the local SoCal Western Circuit.  She is sweet and friendly and quickly learning her new job as a therapeutic riding horse.


Ralph is truly "bomb-proof." Not much personality, though. That is because he is a fiberglass horse. Ralph helps us teach grooming, haltering, leg wrapping, body parts, and safety principles. He is fun for the students to decorate for all the different holidays. Believe it or not, other horses actually get attached to Ralph!


Hazel is a 37-inch-tall miniature horse. Her color is red-dun with a dorsal stripe. Her mellow, respectful temperament makes her a wonderful part of the team. She can be safely groomed and lead by children, the elderly, and those who are not mobile. She is tall enough to be ridden and driven, and she is great at jumping over obstacles. She is learning showmanship patterns to compete against the big horses.



Moe was donated to the program by a wonderful family who knew he was not ready for retirement. He is a 20 something Quarter Horse who is dependable and quiet. He has smooth gaits that are very comfortable. He has quickly become a center favorite!

RYH photo, Ajax.JPG


Ajax was graciously offered for use in the program by Sarah Collins. An American Quarter Horse, he is a great all-around horse for just about any level of rider. He was a former Canadian Mountie horse and he is about as honest as they come. He is kind soul!



Teddy is an American Mustang in his early teens.  He is a steady eddy character with smooth gaits and a friendly personality.  



We were fortunate to acquire "Sea Biscuit" with a grant generously given by St. Peter's by the Sea Presbyterian Church of Palos Verdes. Sea Biscuit is an "Equicizer" --- a mechanical full-sized horse that can carry 500 lbs. He is for use to build core strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. He is a welcome asset to the volunteer program for practicing mounting and dismounting procedures. Some clients may never ride a real horse, so Sea Biscuit and our miniature horse can be used for a full session of ground activities.