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Grant Received from St. Peters by the Sea Presbyterian Church 

We are beyond excited about the generous $8,000. grant from St. Peters by the Sea Presbyterian Church of Palos verdes. The grant was specifically designated for adaptive tack and equipment and a large pony. Look at what we got!

fleece saddle.PNG

This completely fleece saddle is ideal for those with more extensive disabilities. It is ultra soft and offers support with a pommel and cantle. It is conducive to easy mounting and dismounting. Those with sensitivity issues can benefit from this saddle.


RYH photo, Petey standing.jpg

We had been on a year-long search for a very special small horse. Now, we welcome "Petey," a middle-aged appaloosa-colored pony. His size is ideal for accommodating those riders with more extensive disabilities, making it safer and easier for mounting and side-walking. Also, he can be ridden by the more advanced riders because he was a former hunter show pony. He is mellow and on the lazy side


We were fortunate to acquire "Sea Biscuit" thanks to the  grant from St. Peter's by the Sea Presbyterian Church. Sea Biscuit is an "Equicizer" --- a mechanical full-sized horse that can carry 500 lbs. His motion (walk to faster speeds) can help  build core strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. He is a welcome asset to the volunteer training program for practicing mounting and dismounting procedures. Some clients may never ride a real horse, so Sea Biscuit and our miniature horse can be used for a full session of ground activities.

Therapeutic Riding Program Expands Vision 


The RIDE YOUR HORSE Therapeutic Riding Program at B&B Stables in Cerritos is looking forward to an exciting 2018 under the leadership of new director, Gary Mullen, EdD. His background includes the development of therapeutic riding programs and curriculum at William Woods University, Mo, and Rocky Mountain College, MT.


The roots of a therapeutic riding program began in 2006 with an abundance of vision, passion, and commitment to serving those in the community with disabilities. Over the years, the program developed in scope and substance. Facilities were expanded to include the fully covered Alex Beanum Memorial Arena and a specialized hydraulic wheel chair lift donated by Don Knabe, former member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. In 2017, the program was restructured as a new non-profit with a new vision, a new board of directors, and new leadership.  


“Therapeutic horsemanship,” also known as “equine-assisted activities and therapies,” involves exercises, activities, and games on or off a horse. Individual client goals could be primarily recreational, as the rider learns skills to proficiently work with a horse. Therapeutic goals focus on improvements in sensory integration, coordination, speech, mental health, education performance, and behavior. Lesson plans are designed for the individual, often in collaboration with the client’s therapists, educators, and medical professionals.


The program serves adults and children who have physical, emotional, mental, and educational disabilities. Not all clients must or can ride a horse; however, effort is made to accommodate those who wish to ride. A vast array of activities, games, and therapies are available to non-riders. Horses tend to mirror our emotions, and much can be gained from the interaction with a horse. Interacting with a horse is often said to be “therapeutic.”






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