About Us

The roots of a therapeutic riding program at the B&B Stables in Cerritos, CA, began in 2006 with an abundance of vision, passion, and commitment. Over the years, the program developed in scope, structure, and substance. Facilities were expanded to include the covered all-weather Alex Beanum Memorial Arena, a full dressage court, and a specialized hydraulic wheel chair lift donated by Don Knabe, former member of L.A. County Board of Supervisors. In 2017, the program was redesigned as a new non-profit with a new vision, a new board of directors, and new leadership.

The RIDE YOUR HORSE  Therapeutic Riding Program of Cerritos is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


 "Our mission is to enhance the lives of those with disabilities by safely providing high quality, equine-assisted activities and therapies.

Mary Ann Engel
P.A.T.H. Certified Instructor


"I was a horse crazy young girl who  had an aunt that owned horses, and I was smitten! At a young age, I took lessons with a well-respected trainer who helped me develop a solid horsemanship foundation. I developed passion, self-discipline, work ethic, goal-setting, empathy, and important social skills. Riding shapes your life.


My involvement with therapeutic riding began over 15 years ago. I am now able to share the lessons I learned back in the barn as a kid. And, I know first-hand the healing powers of the horses.


I still work towards my goals as a hunter rider in an excellent program, taking three lessons a week, spending every Saturday morning riding in our group hack. I love to show, but most of all love to just be at the barn loving on my horse.  Blue ribbons would be nice, too!"